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Mark and Christine McAleenan

We have just recently finished our mentoring course with Sebastien Buhour, we have been involved with Property a while and consequently have waited to secure mentoring with somebody who we felt had experience, helpfulness and above all value for money. From day one when we met Sebastien to discuss whether we would be a “fit” for him and us, it was all good, he travelled to us to spend the day deliberating strategies and how best to move forward, we felt a great relief to now know which direction we as a business should go. All the subsequent calls were helpful and he was able to help us with our queries, recommendations and ideas were always there in abundance, it was good to bounce ideas and projects off him and his vast experience.
Although we have finished our mentoring course we have gained invaluable knowledge and still to this day can email and call Sebastien for advice, he is also now a good friend.

Simon Zutshi

Sebastien is one of those people who seems to be successful no matter what he does. He is very smart, very approachable and always willing to help other people which is shy he makes such a good property investors network meeting host. He has been extremely successful in his property investing taking massive action and achieving fantastic results. He is very professional which I believe copes form his corporate background. I highly recommend him.

Dave Griffin

I have worked with Sebastien on three joint ventures over the last three years. What initially made me decide to work with him was observing how he worked whilst we attended a year-long course on property investment. Monthly actions and goals were consistently met without any drama or fuss, Sebastien took on board the education and applied it to get results. The greatest value I have got from our relationship is trust. The most important qualities for me in a working joint venture are integrity, a willingness to accept contribution and trust, and Sebastien has demonstrated all of these throughout the period we have worked together.

Ian Boddison

Sebastien is a great host of Property Investors Network meeting. I first attended without knowing what to expect but Sebastien's professional, relaxed manner ensures that all attendees feel welcomed and are able to get significant benefits from the meetings. The meetings always have excellent content delivered by diverse speakers plus there is the opportunity to meet other motivated and inspirational people.

Najinder Singh

Sebastian is a well established international property investor, with many years of experience. He is always happy to share his knowledge with other investors, and support them on their journey.

Sebastien finds great deals, and brings people together to create a great investment opportunity with great returns for his investors.

Phillip Hunnable

Having worked with Sebastien on a couple of successful property projects I can highly recommend him in a number of areas

Property Knowledge, Sebastien has a great depth of knowledge and contacts in the finance, legal and other professionals as well as great training and experience (local and international). He is also excellent at property sourcing

Project Management - with attention to detail and planning skills gained from his operations management experience in his corporate career he can understand complex and large projects, build and manage teams and budgets and projects to schedule 

Professionalism, a win - win positive attitude, understanding of figures and a creative approach to problem solving make working with Sebastien a pleasure.

Susannah Cole

Sebastien is a driven, focussed, fun and successful property investor. I worked with him on his property investment business and found working with him a joy - he drives forward, achieves great success in the projects he takes on, being planned in advance, with great focus on financial overview and measurement, project delivery, deal sourcing and big picture strategic development. He is fun to work with, inspirational to chat property with and a thoroughly decent man within himself.

Eric Constant

Sebastien is a natural leader. His general demeanour and communication abilities help the teams he is working with to feel comfortable and willing to achieve what is expected. I have been impressed at the time when he took over Spain & Morocco by his capacity to quickly adapt to his new environment and to be rapidly recognized as the new boss in a difficult context. He was able to turn around this operation and change the business culture in a very short period of time. Respectful of people he was very instrumental in the progresses achieved in safety management in Spain. He is able to quickly diagnose and understand what needs to be done and get it done very efficiently and sometimes in a very innovative way. He’s a team player who brings people together to discuss and execute what needs to be done. It was pleasant to work with him, he was not self-indulgent and I personally enjoyed his way to challenge from time to time the upper management of the company

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