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Coaching & Mentoring

Take things to the next level...

Take your business interests to the next level with the help of me, Sebastien Buhour as your mentor.

Whether you need structure, to be held accountable, encouraged or reassured, I can help you achieve and develop your future professional goals.

Let’s do it together

Having a mentor can provide you with an enormous boost to your existing business aspirations. Together we will work on each aspect of your challenges, successes and future aims to develop and strengthen your profile.

My previous varied experience allows me to adapt to the different requirements of my mentees and offer them the best possible strategy moving forward. I have spent 15 years of my professional life working overseas for International Manufacturing Companies in the Automotive and Energy industries, where I have honed great business and leadership skills.

Are you a leader or a follower?

As an entrepreneur, I have invested and developed properties since 2009 in South Africa, France and the UK. As my knowledge and experience has matured and developed, I have had the opportunity to help others grow their own portfolio and choose their investment strategies. I find this an extremely rewarding and highly important part of my own personal development.

Everyday is a school day...

Wherever you may be in your life, there is always room for improvement, change or consolidation. My mentees demonstrate a variety of different pathways before they chose to embark on a mentee journey with me but each has displayed tremendous development.

You may be planning on a change in career, launching a new business or venture, finding your 9-5 job tedious. Make the change now.

Never let your FEAR decide your FUTURE.

Book a call by clicking above. Take action and tell me more about your situation.

Let the mentees speak 

"Working with Sebastien really helped me in my property investing journey, providing me with access to someone with the experience, skills and knowledge to help me develop and consider things in a different way. It was great having someone there to ask questions and seek advice and also to make me think about my own values and opinions, and to provide clarity in finding my direction. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent working with Sebastien."

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