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My passion is Business


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About Me

I am an entrepreneur and business owner; I have spent 15 years of my professional life working overseas for International Manufacturing Companies in the Automotive and Energy industries, where I have broadened great business and leadership skills.

As an entrepreneur, I have invested and developed properties since 2009 in South Africa, France and the UK. I have also helped others to grow their own portfolio and choose their investment strategies.

I am proud that the Property Business is running and growing well  managed by a team, allowing me to invest time on my next goal: to purchase an existing Business. I am eager to apply my vast experience and business skills to this new Company.

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My Core Values

Team work

Respect For People

  • Share responsibility and accept personal accountability for successes and failures.

  • Be willing to listen and receive feedback.

  • Demonstrate integrity and be exemplary in support of decisions and actions.

  • Build trust.

  • Recognise the achievements.

Bees at Work

Sense of Common Good

  • Actively promote teamwork.

  • Accept and support decisions which favour common good against personal interest.

  • Consult with others being affected before taking a decision, then explain the decision taken.

  • Recognise and promote team success.

Growing Plants

Commitment to excellence

  • Promote respect for the rules, and be exemplary.

  • Seek out lessons learned from successes and failures.

  • Be proactive in promoting continuous improvement.

  • Promote learning and self development.

  • Display a 'winning spirit'.

  • Demonstrate a 'do more with less' attitude (optimise resources, improve processes and reduce costs.)

My Approach

A Distinctive Transition Possibility

If you are a business owner seeking to change to other projects or retire, I represent a distinctive option to preserve your legacy and your company’s culture. I will focus my work on improving sales and marketing, financial control and profitability, and through continuous improvement, consolidate its foundation for future growth.


I am seeking a stable and mature business with the following characteristics:

  • A consistent record of sales growth and profitability

  • Annual sales between £500k and £5 million

  • Your three biggest clients account should represent less than one-third of the total annual revenue.

I am also interested in working with an owner who is concerned about a smooth transition, and who really cares about the future of the business. If this is your case, contact me now to explore this possibility together


'Luck is what happens, when preparation meets opportunity'.

My Favourite Quote


Let's get in touch and talk Business.

UK & France

UK: +44 (0)7513 944117 

France:+33 (0)6 99 46 00 58


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